Royalty Free Postcode, Lat/Long Data....

Postcode Grid Lat/Long

BPH have produced a new version of our GIS Base Table + Lat/Lon based on OS data which is not subject to any annual Royal Mail licence fees.

The main differences between the original GBLL table derived from Royal Mail Postzon® and the new OS Code-Point® based version are;

**NEW** - We can now supply a supplementary file for the BT postcode area in the same format as the Postcode Grid Lat/Long file based on our GBLL product. The costs for all options are available from our Pricing Guidelines.

You can download a sample of the data (inc a file layout) on the right of this page. The "downloads" area also contains a sample of the LA/UA District and Ward descriptions file. Below is a screen shot of the data.


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