Royalty Free Administrative Area Data....

Postcode to Administrative Areas Table

This table links full unit postcode with both the LA/UA Administrative County and the Government Office Region. The reasons for generating this file are threefold...

  1. The Admin County field on the PAF Alias file contains anomalies which are unlikely to be rectified.

  2. By standardising the Administration Area field the data now maps directly to the Counties & Authorities as defined by the Office for National Statistics (click here for map).

  3. By merging different data sources we have improved the completeness of the file from 94.5% (Alias data coverage) to well over 99.5% .

As you will see from the image below or from the data sample in the download column on the right the table has been designed to be compatible with any other of our full postcode datasets especially the Delivery Point & Street/Postcode Flat Files which include county elements. The file can also be used as a supplementary lookup table to allocate Regions.

Admin Areas

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For existing clients taking either our Delivery Point Flat File or the Street/Postcode Flat File (inc Counties) this table will be available free of charge. For all other applications please refer to our Pricing Guidelines.

For more information or queries please call 01276 689600 or use the contact page.