Royalty Free Locality & Mapping data....


Is it a Gazetteer? Or is it a Mapping tool? In fact it's both. The new GazMap data toolkit from BPH contains a series of data tables linking Locations, Stations/Airports/Ferries and Postal Sectors to both Ordnance Survey Grid References at 1 metre resolution and the Latitude & Longitude values. The data is available in 2 formats:

  1. An XLS file containing 3 worksheets with Search Key, Place Name, Type, Administrative areas & Region, OSGR, Lat/Long and a special GMap field which links directly to Google Maps.

  2. A set of 3 CSV files which can be directly imported into any application.

Please download the sample XLS file to the right of this page and see just how accurate the data is - especially the station coordinates. Further explanatory notes are included within the spreadsheet.

As if that wasn't enough good news... this data is also free from any usage based royalty fees. Please refer to our Pricing Guidelines for more details.

The postcode data in GazMap is at sector level. However, if you need a list of all 1.6 million GB unit postcodes linked to OSGR coordinates at 1 metre and Lat/Long values then we also have a royalty free product called PGLL.


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If you have any immediate queries regarding this product please call us on 01276 689600 or use the Contact Us form.