Pricing Guidelines - April 2015

The table below displays the options and costs for Postcode Data Supply together with the applicable Royal Mail April 2015 Licence fees (increased on 1st July 2018) based on the product selected. If you are looking to licence by geographical areas, a full list of all Postcode Areas and their adjacent areas can be found here...

Please select your product from this list:

Per Postcode Area Minimum Annual Data Supply Charge: £150.00* (Part PAF®) OR £300.00** (Full PAF®)                  

The Website Use Licence Fee is subject to a "High Use Threshold" of 10 million Transactions p.a.(!) above which an additional fee of £5,300 is payable.

The April 2015 Licence also includes provisions for "Closed User Groups" with an option of a capped fee at £26,500 p.a.

Please note that the PAF® Licence Fees quoted include the Royal Mail increases effective from 1st July 2018 and valid until 30th June 2019. The centrally funded Public Sector Licence has been extended for a further year from April 2018.


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