Pricing & Licences

Data Supply Charges & PAF® Licence Fees

Our pricing model consists of 2 elements;Two levels of fees

  1. Our charge for data supply according to the type and content of data, geographic coverage, and the number of updates required.

  2. Royal Mail PAF® Licence fees* which will depend on the level of data - "Full PAF" or "Part PAF", how the data is used, and how many users have access. There are also options to licence on a transactional basis, and capped fees for unlimited use.

For a summary of the PAF® licence fees effective from 1st April 2015 click RM Fees.

* Some of our products are derived from sources other than the Royal Mail Postcode Address File and are not subject to PAF® licence fees.

Please note that postcode data is supplied and licensed on a legal entity basis and may not be copied or distributed to any third parties.

Our Pricing Guidelines cover most of the common options and will return our annual data supply charges and the Royal Mail licence fees (if applicable) according to your requirements.

Please also see our FAQ's page for more information on fees and payment.