Royal Mail Part PAF® postcode data & addressing solutions from BPH


A typical use for postcode data is to validate and auto-fill customer addresses on e-commerce websites or within contact centre and CRM applications. The simplest and most cost effective way of achieving this is to use a BPH Street/Postcode dataset. The user enters a postcode and the application returns a fully formatted address to street level. The user completes the record by entering the property number or name.  Over 75% of addresses on PAF® can be completed simply by entering a number.

Street/Postcode level data can be licensed as a "Part PAF®" solution and is not available direct to end-users from Royal Mail. Part PAF® licence fees are significantly lower than Full PAF® e.g. "Website Use" at £3,175 vs £5,300 pa, or internal per User at £37.25 vs £74.50 pa.

The Royal Mail Full PAF® offering is based on a complex relational structure comprising some 29 million records linked by keys to 6 separate reference tables containing the address elements - or a compressed expanded version which includes all elements in one huge table. It takes a substantial level of IT expertise and data manipulation to transform the raw data into an efficient and user friendly format. We know - we've been doing it since 1995.

The BPH Part PAF® solution is an efficiently structured fully formatted "plug and play" data table of approx 1.8 million records (1 per UK unit postcode) which can be easily loaded/imported to a database application such as MS Access, OpenOffice, FileMaker, MySQL, SQL Server etc.    

We can also provide additional value added data elements such as administrative area names (County/Unitary Authority/London Borough), address counts, and lat/long mapping coordinates. See our Street/Postcode Plus