Counts Step 1 - Type of Selection

BPH can provide Address Extracts using a number of different standard selection criteria as follows:

  1. County (Postal, Traditional or Administrative)

  2. Post Town (e.g. CAMBERLEY)

  3. Postcode Area (e.g. GU)

  4. Postal District/Outcode (e.g. GU16)

  5. Postal Sector (e.g. GU16 7)

  6. Administrative District (e.g. SURREY HEATH)

  7. Electoral Ward (e.g. FRIMLEY)

  8. Locality (e.g. FRIMLEY GREEN)

  9. Radial Area defined around either a postcode or Easting/Northing coordinates (see below)

  10. Define your own area with Map-a-Polygon

Radial Image

Follow the simple steps over the next few screens to define the area and type of addresses required (residential, business or a combination) - it couldn't be simpler!

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This facility requires the use of cookies to retain details of your selection criteria.

Please Note:

  1. Searches based on Postzon (i.e. Radial search, Electoral Ward or LA District) and Traditional/Admin County Alias fields will not return all records as approximately 5% of postcodes are un-coded - mainly Large User PO Box postcodes.
  2. Selecting "residential" returns address records that have not been attributed to an "organisation" on PAF®. This may include a very small number of business or industrial premises where the organisation names are not present (i.e. empty units).
  3. Extracts using either the Radial search or Map-a-Polygon are based on coordinates allocated to the approximate centre of a unit postcode.