UK Street/Postcode Database inc Lat/Longs


Street/Postcode "Plus" Table (Part PAF®)

The Street/Postcode "Plus" Table is a comprehensive file containing data elements taken from a number of sources. The table is based on our standard Street/Postcode data, but we have augmented the file with higher level administrative geography and Lat/Long coordinates. It provides all the data required to integrate address derivation (but benefiting from reduced Part PAF® licence fees), regional allocations and radial searching - all in the same "easy to use" format.

The series of "flat files" supplied by BPH are easily imported into any database application. By using simple SQL scripts or Access macros, the file can be queried and the required data returned - quite simply it is "Plug & Play". Below is a screen shot (which will enlarge) of the first few records of the Street/Postcode "Plus" Table sample file in Excel. A full sample, also in Excel format, is available to download on the right of this page. The production version is supplied as a CSV file.

For a limited period we are offering this table for the same price as the standard Street/Postcode Flat File at £650 p.a. for a single edition plus the appropriate Royal Mail licence fees. All data and licence fee options can be obtained by referring to our pricing guidelines.


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