Part PAF® - Postcode/Sector Locality Tables....

At BPH we recognised some time ago that not everyone wants to use the PAF® for address generation or verification. So we derived a set of data files linking either full postcode or postal sector to a combination locality & town. A significant proportion of the BPH clients taking the Locality data are in the business of "moving" things e.g. freight, personnel relocation, packages and leaflet distribution. It also forms a valuable component in "locator" facilities.

Postcode/Locality Table

The Postcode/Locality Table links full unit postcodes to locality (where applicable), post town and postal county elements. It is used primarily to  insert or validate the location elments within a logistics application.


PLT File

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Sector/Locality & Alias Locality Tables

A much smaller file, but no less effective. If you do not require the accuracy of full postcode data, then you can validate the locality/town combination at postal sector level. The complimentary Alias table contains data removed from PAF such as the London districts and colloquialisms or smaller localities.


Sector Localities

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