Postcode & Sector level Gazetteers....

Postcode Gazetteers

Gazetteer (noun): "a book or file that contains a list of places, usually with some additional information."

Over many years of postcode data application, BPH Postcodes have identified a series of gazetteers (tables) which provide a range of geographical elements or statistics at various levels. The more popular datasets have been detailed on separate pages. However, there are further useful gazetteers such as the Street Gazetteer, DP Counts/GIS Table and County defintions which are presented below.

Street Gazetteer

In a commercial environment it is equally important to determine areas where your business is performing either above or below average. Indeed, can you quantify the "average"? The Street Gazetteer will give you the ability to aggregate address data at various geographical levels, enabling you to determine product penetration, sales force performance or to quantify potential catchment areas, plus many more applications. The data is availbale at postcode area level providing more localised and targeted data. A sample of the Street Gazetteer can be downloaded...

Street Gazetteer

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DP Counts/GIS Table

This datset was developed in conjunction with a software supplier providing applications within the waste management sector. The combination of GIS coordinates and comprehensive delivery point counts at full unit postcode level is imported into a package for waste collection round optimsiation. The data is supplied as extracts, normally at the Local/Unitary Authority level. The data can be supplied along with a similar extract from our Street/Postcode Flat File to enhance the data with street, locality & town elements.

DP Counts + GIS

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Sector/Town Table

The Sector/Town Table provides a comprehensive breakdown of postal sector geography including postcode (incode) ranges within each sector/town combination, Postal & Traditional County and Country data elements and extensive counts, including Large User & PO Box counts plus Small User postcodes/addresses by postal sector.

Sector Town Table

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Counties Table (Outcode & Sector levels)

Until about 50 years ago the historic (or traditional) counties of Britain were universally used as the standard popular geographical reference frame of Britain. The location of every village, town and city of Britain could be simply described by reference to one of these counties. We literally knew where we were and local government areas were closely based on these counties.

Ongoing local government re-organisations have resulted in the creation of administrative areas which often now bear little resemblance to the original county boundaries. Many of these administrative area names have been adopted as county names.

To add to the confusion the Royal Mail maintained county names on the postcode address file until December 2000 but did not update in line with local government re-organisations so we effectively ended up with a third type of county - postal.

That's why a postcode can lead you to 3 different "counties" - For example for many "BA" postcodes the postal county (no longer used) is "Avon", the traditional county is "Somerset", and the administrative name is "Bath & North East Somerset".

The BPH Counties Table links outcodes to Postal, Traditional and Administrative county names using data derived from Royal Mail "Alias" files. This table is also available by postcode sector. Town names, countries and basic postcode counts are also included to provide a comprehensive picture.

Counties Table

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