PAF® Address Data, Lat/Longs & more...

Enhanced Postcode Data from BPH

Unlike many other Solution Providers, we do not sell packaged software solutions which restrict access to PAF® by using proprietary data compression and encryption techniques.

We maintain monthly updated enhanced versions of PAF® and can provide data outputs in most common formats for easy integration with database management systems and office applications. Most clients take our postcode datasets in industry standard CSV format via our secure download facility.

Outputs are available by area, postcode range, locality name etc and can be pre-formatted to meet your own specific system requirements including:

From a relational database of over 30 million UK delivery points, to an extract of formatted addresses within a specific postal area, or a table of all valid postcode sectors and localities - BPH Postcodes can deliver the data.

Royal Mail Licensing

Use of postcode data derived from PAF® is subject to Royal Mail Licence terms and conditions. All clients are required to enter into an agreement incorporating those terms, with licence fees paid annually in advance according to the level of data utilised and the number of users with access.