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Delivery Point Flat File

If you really want the full works, the Delivery Point Flat File contains all 28 million (approx) UK mail delivery points and includes organisation names in addition to property names, numbers and sub-buildings and now we've added optional county elements. It's construction is based on our Street/Postcode Flat File with additional Delivery Point and Organisation tables linked by a unique Postcode Id/Seq field.

The Delivery Point Flat File consists of the following 3 tables (sample data is available to download as an XLS with 3 worksheets);

  1. POSTCODE MASTER TABLE - A table structured as per the Street/Postcode Flat File with the addition of unique Postcode Id/Sequence field linking Street, Locality, Town + optional County and Postcode data to the other tables.

  2. DELIVERY POINT MASTER TABLE - Using the Postcode ID field this table contains details of the delivery points within in each postcode. If we look at the first entry on the Postcode Master Table, AB10 1AU contains 32 delivery points. Within these, 6 have organisation details which can be identified by the Org Flag and accessed using the Postcode ID and Delivery Point Suffix.

  3. ORGANISATIONS TABLE - contains Organisation Name, Department and PO Box information for those records identified by the Org Flag.


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As an example of the process, if we enter AB10 1AU the application will return the elements - Netherkirkgate, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire from the Postcode Master Table and then reference the DP Master Table to create a "drop down" list of the 32 Delivery Points. As 6 of the 32 entries have the Org Flag set, then the process accesses the Organisation Table using Postcode Id/Sequence + DPS to build, for example, Blush Boutique, 16.