Targeted Address Extracts....

Address Extracts

Address Extracts have been part of the BPH product portfolio for many years. They have become increasingly more significant as an extremely effective and targeted approach to local issues such as planning applications (e.g. wind farms, mobile phone masts and commercial/residential developments) and surveys canvassing local opinion.

The advantage of address extracts from PAF® is the "completeness" of mailing coverage - the database contains all residential and business postal addresses across the UK. For many applications the fact that there are no occupier names is not a problem - the main objective of these "campaigns" is to inform or seek opinions, NOT to sell.

For example, if we look at a typical planning process we will see the same steps are needed to meet the requirements of the local planning committee, irrespective of the type of development...

Planning Process

At BPH we can provide you with the target audience that you require based on geographic parameters. Whether that is a complete administrative area or a combination of electoral wards, a radial selection of "x" kilometres (or miles) around a particular postcode or grid reference, or specified postal sectors or localities. We can also define irregular polygon shapes around a particular location.

The costs for this facility start from £212.50 and include the selection specification and supply of the data in either XLS or CSV format.

XLS Format

Sample of Address Extract - XLS format

Data Supply Costs

Quantity Cost
Set up and standard selection charge £125.00
For the first 100,000 addresses @ £3.50 /1000
Additional addresses over 100,000 @ £1.00 /1000

Royal Mail Licence

Single User licence fee (valid for 12 months) @ £2.18 per postcode area covered.


Please Note:

By radius from a given point (unit postcode or OSGR coordinates)
By town or locality name
By postcode area, district, or sector
By administrative area or electoral wards

AND our flexible selection tool "Map-A-Polygon" - build your own area using our Interactive Counts!

Our Interactive Counts facility will allow you to specify a standard selection, get the address counts and costs.

Non standard selections such as by specific streets are quoted on a bespoke basis - please contact us for details.

If you have a requirement for an address extract please call Dave Sweet on 01276 689600 and get a count over the phone.