PAF® Updates

Why change postcodes?

There are times when it is necessary to make large-scale changes to postal addresses.  This may be when new building developments such as housing estates or business parks within already densely populated inner city areas leads to "postcode exhaustion" where there are no free postcodes to allocate.  However, due to the geographical nature of the Postcode system the wider area  is considered  and new Postcode sectors and Postcodes are allocated.  This may also apply in the cases of demolished buildings. The Royal Mail publish a Code of Practice regarding the maintenance of the Postcode Address File, a copy of which is available from the download area on the right of this page.

Postcode Address File Updates

At BPH we take PAF® updates from Royal Mail on a monthly basis. These updates are processed and the data made available within 72 hours of receipt of the file. To standardise (as much as possible) the versions of postcode data released to our clients, we provide major releases of the file based on calendar quarters. Having said that, some clients have processing levels that benefit from a monthly file update, whilst some feel that an annual supply of the data is sufficient.