Postcode Data Integration

It's so simple & rewarding......

Firstly, why chose BPH enhanced data? To find out about the main differences between raw PAF® data available direct from Royal Mail and our enhanced datasets, there is a brief explanation in this document.

Integration of any of the BPH datasets is simple. No matter what addressing and/or GIS functionality your application requires we have a set of data tables to provide that functionality. It could also be financially attractive as we have various licencing models depending on type/level of data (some of our datasets do not incur usage royalty fees), number of application clients/sites and frequency of data updates.

The advantage of integrating BPH datasets is greater flexibility of user defined functionality. "Mix & Match" data items from our standard data products to develop a more specific requirement for your client. For example, add Post Town to the GIS Base Table and you can start to perform "nearest" calculations at various levels.

Here are some examples of the types of integration.....

Just some of the possible integration opportunities available.

For more information on BPH Data Integration and the licencing options, please use the Contact Us page or call us on 01276 689600.