About BPH Postcodes

BPH is an established market leader in Address Management and Postcode Data Supply. Since 1992 we have been providing fast, flexible and cost-effective data driven solutions for a wide range of clients covering both one-off projects and long term services provision. In 1995 we became a licensed reseller of Royal Mail PAF® data and we now supply our UK postcode datasets to thousands of clients either directly or via our third party solution providers.

Postcode data can be supplied at various levels depending on the required functionality. For example, the most common application uses Street Level data (or to give it the Royal Mail name Part PAF®). By simply using the postcode as a search key into a flat file or relational dataset, you can return the fully structured, postally correct address elements. The user then simply enters the property name or number to complete the address.

This site will also provide you with details and downloads of our other popular data products, including the GIS Base Table which provides postcode/100m OS grid reference data for distance/ "nearest" calculations.

Need a "bespoke" solution?  No problem - our experience and expertise in manipulating PAF® data means that if it's possible to do, we can do it.

We appreciate that a number of applications may not need complete coverage of the UK. We can therefore supply geographical subsets (eg by postcode area).

We maintain monthly updated enhanced versions of PAF® and our datasets are usually supplied on a quarterly or annual basis. Again you have complete control - need monthly updates? - no problem.

BPH Postcodes - the postcode data specialists.