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We’re very sorry, but we can no longer help.

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After 25 years we’ve decided to gracefully withdraw from postcode data supply activities and have terminated our Solution Provider agreements with Royal Mail Group Ltd.

From April 2020 we will be unable to licence our datasets incorporating PAF® to new clients.

We are also ceasing to supply postcode-coordinate & administrative area data derived from alternative sources such as OS Code-Point® Open and the various other datasets available under the Open Government Licence.

We are in the ongoing process of terminating our agreements with our clients giving a minimum of 6 months’ notice prior to their annual renewal dates.

All existing clients will be fully supported with scheduled data updates throughout their termination periods expiring between April 2020 and March 2021.

Please note from April 2020 our office hours are from 08:30 to 16:30 Mon-Wed only.

If your requirement is for PAF® postcode & address data, or look-up services which incorporate it, we suggest you review the options available either directly from Royal Mail or their licenced Solution Providers at www.poweredbypaf.com

The postcode/place name demonstration look-up facility on this site is now disabled.