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We are a licenced Royal Mail PAF® Data Solutions Provider - and we have been since 1995! Our enhanced UK postcode & address datasets are beautifully formatted and efficiently structured for direct integration with client database & look-up applications. Our approach is to ensure that you have complete control and flexibility. We don't sell software or API's, just postcode data - pure and simple.

We also provide related data such as lat/long mapping coordinates and adminstrative area names & codes.

We admit that postcode datasets are not very exciting, but they are essential to many B2B and B2C applications & services. So we hope that you will find the information on this site of interest and of potential benefit to your business.

Click on this link for a brief overview of the UK postcode structure.

To find out more about the main differences between raw PAF® data available direct from Royal Mail and our enhanced datasets, there is a brief explanation in this document.

Please note that our products & services are intended for business users. We do not provide any public directory services and the sample postcode data displayed on this website is made available for demonstration purposes only. If you use the Postcode or Place Name search facility your IP address will be stored to enable us to comply with Royal Mail Licence terms by restricting the number of look-ups.