The April 2015 PAF® Licence - Summary of Changes

In April 2014 Royal Mail AMU published the replacement PAF® Licence Terms and fees to be effective from 1st April 2015. All Solutions Providers were given 12 months notice under the 2010 Agreements.   

The key changes are;

Under the 2010 terms there were the same number of differential price points for Part PAF® and per Postcode Area options as for Full PAF®. From April 2015 this is not the case. Overall, PAF® licence fees have been increased significantly more on a like-for-like basis for Part PAF® End-Users than for Full PAF®. (BPH Data Ltd fought vigorously against these changes throughout the consultation process)

Click on the image below for a summary of the April 2015 Royal Mail PAF® Licence fees.

As our End-User Agreements are renewed on a 12 month rolling basis, the replacement Licence terms & fees will be effective from the first anniversary date after 31st March 2015 - so between April 2015 & March 2016 depending on the renewal dates.

Royal Mail has also published the long awaited centrally funded Public Sector Licence to be introduced in April 2015.  Qualifying public sector organisations who register for the PSL will be classed as "Excepted End-Users". We will not be required to collect PAF® licence fees for those End-Users from April 2015. (The same 12 month transition period applies to existing client renewals up to 31st March 2015)