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New Delivery Point File

Although the construction industry has experienced a difficult few years, there has still been a significant program of new property development, from small infill builds to large housing estates, with a period of growth forecast in the next few years. Identifying these areas can be extremely important for marketing within certain sectors. At BPH, we have been able to extract from the monthly PAF® updates The NEW DELIVERY POINT File which contains both residential addresses and data relating to organisations.

Although the monthly files will vary in the number of records the totals form a significant "universe" of new residential addresses. The total number of records and the number of residential addresses for the past 6 months are as follows:

           Month                    Total NDP File          Residential Addresses
 Oct 2016
29,039 28,281
Nov 2016
22,801    22,269  
Dec 2016
19,527  19,078
Jan 2017
Mar 2017


For the cost options of the New Delivery Point File please refer to our Pricing Guidelines.

The data is available as a CSV file, or in XLS format as below:


New DP File

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